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Gary V with TikTok

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YOU with today’s hottest untapped platform!

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Simply brilliant! This is by far the easiest way to get leads and I will highly recommend to EVERYONE to get cracking with it!

Bill Ang

Thanks ladies…I have been looking for a way to get more quality leads and traffic for my business for ages! Now you’ve solved my problem with Cleopatra!

This software is a complete business in a box and perfect for newbies, as it’s such an easy to use push button automation system. And the promotional bonus pages you provide are amazing. Thanks again…Digital Dames for creating a must have marketing tool to help me grow my online business in 2021 and beyond!

Brian Alcock

Now It’s 3 Step Easy For Anyone

The Best Unsaturated Platform

Right Now In 2021

If Everyone’s
“Supposed” To Be Buying Online...


There’s a huge difference between where people go online …

And where they BUY online.

Trying to sell on most social media platforms ISN’T working anymore …

Because these days people go there to escape reality ...
Not to spend money.

But there are treasure chests of buyer gold online.

  • Hidden from 99% of marketers
  • Packed with buyers looking to spend
  • Free targeted traffic in any niche

For the 1st time ever, we’ve fully automated this digital goldmine:

>> So you can automatically find AND monetize free buyer traffic

>> Instantly activate your own “business in a box” that runs on autopilot

Thanks To Automation And This Hidden Traffic Goldmine

You Won’t Even Need

A website

Any experience

Tech skills

A blog

Paid traffic

Social media following

To make videos or any content

More than 5 minutes / day

Your own products

Queen Cleopatra Is Here To Serve YOU...

A Rich Oasis Of Hungry Buyers & DFY Daily Profits

This revolutionary 1-click app:

  • Gets you instant access to over 500 million active buyers
  • Automatically grows your niche-targeted audience
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  • Works 24/7 in the background whether you’re online or on holiday!

Why Struggle When You Don’t Have To?

  • Stop fighting all by yourself
  • Forget struggling to learn new skills
  • Never settle for zero commissions in your pocket

Picture This Instead

  • No learning new skills or guesswork
  • Unlimited free buyer traffic that's automated 24/7
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That’s what Cleopatra’s doing for us, and you’re about to see how she can do the same for you!

Hey we’re

Paula-Maree Roberts, Kafayat Obanigba & Nanda Brougham

Have you been told the same lies we were?

Things like:

“You need to sell on social media”
“You need your own products”
“The money is in the list”

If you’ve tried any of that …
You know it’s sure as hell not easy …
And NEVER as profitable as “they” say.

We prefer to get amazing results with automation, NOT hard work.

So instead of paid traffic & competition, we’re into untapped platforms packed with free buyers.

Cleopatra is our breakthrough app that automates free traffic AND monetization.

Already bringing us each an easy
3+ figures in daily profits …

It’s the best way for us to make lazy money online today

Now It’s 3 Step Easy For Anyone


Your Queen Of Profits

Cleopatra is an app & all-inclusive monetization solution that delivers hungry buyers and a DONE-FOR-YOU way for us to generate 3+ figures daily

  • Brand new BREAKTHROUGH automated system for 2021
  • Real, targeted, 100% free buyer traffic
  • DFY monetization from ULTRA-HOT converting offers
  • Competition & recession proof
  • Proven results from beginners just like you
  • Takes just 5 minutes per day!

Let Your Queen Do The Hard Work
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Cleopatra Is So Easy

It’s Like Having Your Own Royal Army Delivering Profits

Finally, you can SKIP the tedious, BS methods that are all work … and no cash.

Cleopatra revolutionizes how money is made online:

  • 24/7 buyer traffic-getting machine
  • DFY monetization
  • World-class automation

For the world’s 1st set & forget business-in-a-box siphoning unlimited buyer traffic from one of today’s hottest platforms.

> Already delivering game changing results for EVERY SINGLE beta tester!

Cleopatra is ready to deliver for you too!

Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Getting Paid Online

Now There’s A Better Way

Why was Queen Cleopatra so powerful?

Because she SEDUCED others into doing whatever she commanded.

So instead of trying to do everything yourself ...

  • Struggling to find your own traffic
  • Figuring out what offers to promote
  • Learning complicated tech skills

Then … following methods that stopped working when the pandemic struck ...

  • Blindly marketing on the wrong platforms
  • Trying to produce & sell your own products
  • Competing with everyone else to promote the same offers ...

Let Cleopatra AUTOMATE The Profit Process For You!

  • Automated app uncovers UNTAPPED free buyer traffic 24/7
  • Laser-targeted buyers in any niche on autopilot
  • Multiple TOP-CONVERTING offers built-in proven to maximize commissions
  • Eliminate competition by exploiting a platform most marketers don’t use
  • Unlock results faster & easier than ever before possible

Cleopatra’s technology is so powerful …

It does the work so you don’t have to!

Everything You Need For Results Like Royalty

Without Ever Getting Your Hands Dirty

Done-For-You Buyer Traffic

Experience limitless FREE buyer traffic with Cleopatra.

This cloud app works 24/7 in the background, finding & connecting with buyers in any niche you want.

Done-For-You Monetization

No more guessing! We set you up with multiple ULTRA-HOT converting offers with universal appeal.

One-step connection to your account is all it takes for automated commissions.

Copy/Paste Case Studies

We’ll show you inside some of our most successful campaigns …

From the simple setup to locking in the traffic … so you can duplicate our results without even thinking!

Copy/Paste Setup

Beginner friendly, over-the-shoulder videos show you EXACTLY how to get Cleopatra up and running fast.

Just copy what we show you and you’re good to go!

Cleopatra unearths secret ancient powers of buyer persuasion... Then taps into
today’s most modern automation technology...

For The SIMPLEST Way To Generate Commissions

EVER Discovered!

  • Sales are automated for you … no learning to sell or negotiate
  • Push-button app practically runs itself … no tech skills to learn
  • Get results without the usual hassles … no email lists or websites to build
  • Start today, see results today … no more waiting
  • Proven legitimate platform … no loopholes or gimmicks
  • 100% free buyer traffic … no more paid ads

Best Of All …. Beta Testers
Rave About Practically


With so few moving parts …

There’s nothing to slow you down.

Switch on the app, then let it find traffic & connect it to the built in offers.

Rinse & repeat.

Love the results, just like our beta testers are ...

Even More Cleopatra Users

Getting Life-Changing Results

Cleopatra is really a next level software. It literally pairs high quality automatic traffic with powerful DFY pages.

The two biggest problems of traffic and monetization are solved! Just WOW!

Dan Khan

It’s brilliant! Never thought the 3-step-simple is actually real! No joke! I think you should package it and sell it as a 2K+ product cuz after years buying new methods.. this is the only thing I think it’s fair to call push button profit, at least you want to run cherish lol.

Never seen traffic convert like this before, it used to be soo saturated... Thanks again for your queen of profits!💪🏼

Ozkar Su

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Unlock the secrets to an unstoppable mindset … discover how to turn obstacles into assets … and you can achieve game changing success online.

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A Quick Recap Of Everything You’re Getting Today

  • Groundbreaking Cleopatra cloud-based app for unlimited free buyer traffic in any niche
  • Done-for-you monetization with multiple top-converting offers built in
  • Step-by-step video training to have you up and running in minutes
  • Copy paste studies Making it easy for you to duplicate our results
  • Bonus #1 More Ways To Make Money In 2021 - How We Turn Lunch Money Into $250
  • Bonus #2 Over 3500 Visual Promotional Bundle To Connect With More Buyers
  • Bonus #3 How to Dominate An Unsaturated Market Place
  • Bonus #4 7 Ways To Turn Obstacles Into Assets To Achieve Game Changing Results

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It doesn’t get more fair than that.

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  • ‘Take it to the bank’ results … WITHOUT doing any hard work yourself?
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Paula-Maree Roberts

Kafayat Obanigba

Nanda Brougham